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Transfer Carts Features

  • The transfer trolley is used to move the load on a horizontal floor.
  • It provides load transfer between halls in plants with multiple halls in the industry.
  • There can be motorized transfer trolleys as well as non-motorized transfer trolleys.
  • In a battery-powered transfer vehicle, energy is provided by the battery.
  • It can easily be used to move loads in places where a travelling overhead crane or gantry crane cannot reach.
  • These originally consisted of the end frames of overhead cranes.
  • The end frame will consist of a rail mechanism as well as a transfer trolley with rubber wheels.
  • This product, also known as a rail transit trolley, works at an angle by attaching one end to a traction system called a winch in a mine. In such applications, the idler wagon is tied to the end of a rope and pulled at an angle horizontally or upwards using a motorized winch.

    transfer carts factory and supplier
     transfer carts factory and supplier

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