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Storage And Transportation Transfer Cart Maintenance Methods


The main maintenance methods of warehouse transfer carts are as follows: as warehouse transfer carts are mainly used in hot and rugged roads, these environments are harsh, so the motors and batteries of the transfer carts are more durable. Apart from that, the warehouse transfer carts need to be kept in mind in addition to good quality as follows.

transfer carriage
transfer carriage
  1. The axle generally requires lubrication and maintenance every 4 to 6 months. Grease should be added during maintenance.
  2. After 200 hours of initial operation of the warehouse transport carriage, the lubricant in the reducer should be added to the specified value.
  3. Motor, every six months a maintenance cycle, lubrication maintenance should be filled with motor grease to the specified value.
  4. The battery needs to be charged and discharged regularly.

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