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Features Of The Transfer Cart On Rails


Despite the existence of wheeled delivery vehicles, a rail-mounted version of the delivery vehicle is ideally suited for transporting large, heavy and delicate objects. Sometimes these materials (tens of tons or more) cannot be moved by air and must be moved on a flat surface.


The advantages of the transfer trolley compared to other material handling methods are as follows.

  • High Stability Transfer Vehicle

Transit trolleys mounted on rails allow very heavy and bulky objects to be handled and moved in a very stable, slow and safe manner. For the version with rails, this feature is even more pronounced, as the rails and the displacement on the cement provide a great deal of robustness to the entire structure.

  • Tailor-Made Routes For Carts

The routing of the guide rails can be adapted to the movement required by the customer without affecting the type of production equipment or the range of movement required. We can adapt the routing of the rails to any need.

transfer cart on rails
transfer cart on rails
  • Automatization

Rail transfer cars can have such mechanisms so that they can complete specific journeys autonomously without the need for a supervisor. For example, if they have to transport heavy parts or blocks from one production department to the next or between two different production plants.


  • Transfer Carts Are Perfect For Tight Spaces

Rail transfer cars can work in low height spaces because they do not require aerial elements of suspension elements when moving on the ground. This makes them safer to operate.


  • Complementarity

Rail transport trolleys also allow working in a complementary way with other types of lifting and material handling systems, both stationary (gantry cranes, crane bridges with various lifting systems) and mobile (as in the case of forklifts and similar lifting systems).

rail transfer cart custom
rail transfer cart custom

We can install Rail Transfer Carts indoors or outdoors. An example of railcars that work outdoors are those installed at docks where they build large merchant ships and cruise ships. They can transport the large and heavy components that make up these ships efficiently and safely.

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