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Rail Steel Coil Transfer Cart


In modern production, rail transfer carts have become essential. Because the application of steel coil transfer cars on the track equipment has greatly improved the production efficiency of the enterprise factory and enhanced the position of the enterprise factory in the market competition. So what role does the steel coil transfer car play in the track? The rail transfer car is a flat car that travels on the track. Driven by the power supply motor, it greatly improves the speed and efficiency. Track flat car structure generally consists of the electrical control system, running wheel system, power supply system, drive system and frame, etc. These are the basic structural requirements of transfer carts, which are briefly described as follows.

steel coil transfer car
steel coil transfer car
  1. steel coil transfer car track power supply system: common power supply methods are low-voltage track, battery, slip wire, tow cable, cable reel five kinds of power supply methods.
  2. Steel coil conveying track drive system: mainly used for braking and deceleration components. Generally use F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, K series spiral bevel gear reducer, LD reducer structure for the crane industry. Special circumstances can also be used planetary gear reducer, etc., which reducer is used, mainly depends on the specific situation.
  3. Crawler type flat car running wheel system: generally use a two-wheel axle and four-wheel single wheel drive, including the active shaft and driven shaft, the active shaft is connected with the reducer, and the same operation as the driven shaft including bearing seat, bushings and flat keys, wheels, etc.
  4. Steel coil conveying trolley track electrical control system: it is related to the power supply mode. There are two operating systems: wired handle control operation and wireless remote control operation.
  5. Rail transfer cart frame system: the car body structure is manufactured by welding, which is made of channel steel, I-beam, angle steel and other sections welded together.

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