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What are the environmental requirements for the use of KPX series battery railed transfer cars?


The KPX series battery railed transfer car is suitable for a variety of environments and is easier to handle in the workshop. Electric transfer car for export generally uses maintenance-free batteries, which are maintenance-free for life and durable. Compared with other series of electric transfer car, battery-electric transfer car is flexible and safe, but the use time is limited. The battery requires maintenance, has a service life of about 2.5 years, and has limited working hours.

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The working temperature of battery railed transfer car: -30℃-50℃

 Air relative humidity: air humidity ≤75%

 Natural environment pH: working in a weakly acidic or tending to the weakly acidic natural environment

 Wiring non-stop rate: 20%

 Gas cleanliness level: no corrosive false floating matter, no flammable and explosive items vapour

 Working environment: (1) tilt: ≤ 2.9 ° (2) flatness: ± 2 cm / m (3) cleanliness: places specified no visual waste, no > 1 cm of protruding shortcomings, etc.

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KPX series battery rail transfer car actual operation method can be configured rocker and remote-control manipulation; rocker line length is usually 3m or 5m, with four keys and a remote lever, four keys are: start, change direction, forward and backward, remote lever manipulation is the flat car brake, remote lever to the left to move, the flat car left turn, remote lever to the right to move, flat car left turn, if you want to let the car terminate, you can release the button or press the termination button, if you want to start again, turn clockwise to change direction and press and hold to start. The remote control is a six-key operation, respectively: start, terminate, forward, backward, left turn and left turn, left turn or left turn, you must press and hold the relative direction key together, start again, immediately press and hold the start button on the line. There is a rocker storage box in the flat car for easy storage.

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