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Heavy Duty Transfer Carts On Rail
China Perfect Transfer Car Factory is dedicated to the manufacture of rail/battery/electric transfer bogie,trackless transfer carts.
China Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a material handling machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. There are more than 100 employees, including 3 senior engineers with intermediate titles, 6 engineers, and 10 technicians. Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theories make the company a material handling manufacturing and export base in China.
Perfect Rail Transfer Carts

Trackless Transfer Carts

Trackless Transfer Cart is an alternative transfer
cart with the high capacity and quality, which has
been a popular product in the material handling field.
Trackless Transfer Cart is an electric material
handling cart powered by a battery and running on the
the common ground directly has no limited running
distance. Trackless Transfer Cart can turn freely on
the floor at 360-degree angle by pendent line control
or wireless remote control.


Compared with the traditional way transfer cart,
Trackless Transfer Cart is the lowest cost of
purchase, operation and the easier maintenance, more
convenient and flexible. Trackless Transfer Cart can
run easier in different scenes, such as unfixed
destination, small space, more turns, a short distance
and high environmental requirements.



Compact Profile

Henan Perfect handling equipment Co., Ltd., founded
in December 2015 and located in Guandi Pioneer Park,
Xingxiang is a professional international handling
equipment company integrating R&D, design,
production and sales, which is also one of the few
brand enterprises that can customize products in
full accordance with customer needs. Perfect make the
transport easier.

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Overseas client

Henan Perfect handling equipment Co., Ltd., has
customers far from the US, Germany, Holland, but
also Thailand, Singapore and other countries and
regions, which covers more than 50 countries and
regions in five continents. At present, more than
3000 excellent products have been provided at home
and abroad.

Railless transfer cart

Production strength

Transfar cart
Railless transfar cart

Henan Perfect handling equipment Co., Ltd. based on
the existing research results, closely followed the
advanced technology Chinese industry at home and
abroad. We have CNC lathe for machining efficiency
and quality, bending machine, various kinds of
drill, milling machine for the appearance design,
plasma numerical control blanking machine for every
size of the steel plate. We provide customers with
more quality products to meet the requirements of
high standards and high requirements.